10 Profitable Small Town Business Ideas in 2021

10 Profitable Small Town Business Ideas in 2021

People these days are busy migrating to the metropolitan city rather than exploring the business opportunities in their small town. There are lots of opportunities in a small town that we can start small and can grow that business in due course of time. Try exploring it.

This article is for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start small and then scale it over time.

India populations in small towns are growing and the standard of living is also improving compared to the past 10-15 years. This is the right time where the entrepreneur can get on the ground floor.

Here, I will be listing 10 profitable business that you can start up small and eventually scale your business when the revenues start flowing in. I Hope these business ideas will encourage you to find your love and passion for doing things.

1. Restaurant

A restaurant is one of the places which will survive in recession or depression. No matter what is the current income of the consumers they will dive in to eat. Every time whenever we go out from home we always lookout for a fine restaurant that serves good foods. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find a restaurant that serves good foods. There is always a disbalance between good foods and it’s the price when it comes to a restaurant in the small town. Here is where the aspiring entrepreneur can interrupt the restaurant business. Plan a simple menu with a limited number of items and try to deliver the best foods from it. Try to keep the price reasonable at the start eventually you can increase the price. First focus on foods quality rather than revenue. If you provide good foods, 99% chance is their your customers would return and would not mind riding a mile to reach your restaurant.

Rather than focusing on opening a restaurant serving full-day meals start with a quick-service restaurant where the customers can take away their foods. Create customise branding packages that will help in branding the restaurant and will be beneficial in the long run.

Make sure to utilise the available modern technology in running and marketing your restaurant. Open a business page on Facebook and Instagram and keep posting your great foods on your page. Here you can introduce your new items in the Menu, post your promotional coupons to attract new customers from the town, thus get a reach to larger customers.

2.Coffee Shop/Tea House

As every Indian like to drink tea/coffee. Opening a tea shop is a profitable small business idea where you can make a margin of up to 30%. At whatever corner you set up a tea stall, you will get people who love to drink tea. Gradually you can introduce varieties in tea to expand your tea business.

3. Bakery Store

Opening a bakery/pastries store combined with modern technology will be a great startup idea in 2021. Where we can offer cookies, bread, pastries, desserts, and other biscuit items. Around the town’s corner, we get to see many bakery stores without any improvement in their store design and with no modern technology implemented in their business practices. Whenever we have a celebration, it may be a birthday celebration, anniversary celebration or some other festive celebration. We have to visit the store and have to order our cake without many options to customise our cake.

Today, we can offer an online order option to our customers where they can customise their cake according to their taste and flavour. Given them an option to place an online order 1-3 days in advance before their celebration day. This way we can generate revenue from our physical store as well as from our online store.

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4. Auto Repairing Shop

People using their owned vehicles to reach from point A to B is increasing in a small town in the past 10 years. Private vehicles are flooding in every small town. People using public transportation service is falling swiftly. The numbers of people using private cars and bike are at every time high. This vehicular necessity creates the perfect small business opportunity for auto repair shops to open in small towns.

Whether it’s routine maintenance, major or small repairing work, as long as people are on the roads, an auto repairing shop will be a viable business.

5. Salon/Barbershop

If you like to make people feel good about themselves, opening up a salon or barbershop is a great small town business idea. This is the business where you keep a 100% margin with little to no expense in raw materials other than rent and one-time instalment in mirrors and tools. Everyone needs a haircut once or twice a month. This is a great viable recurring small business.

Along with hair cut, you can offer other additional services like head and neck massage, colouring, facial cleaning to create additional revenue streams. No matter where you go, you will always want to look the best in yourself. That’s why makeup and other cosmetic businesses are market booms.

6. Grocery Store

The big metropolitan city enjoys all the benefits of shopping for their daily needs in one place. Unlike in a small town where we have to move around three, four shops to buy groceries for our daily needs. It is unlikely that the larger grocery chain would set up their store in a small town because of small scale sales.

Here is where you can start your entrepreneur journey. The types of speciality store will depend on your location and market demands but always try to leverage your local resources from nearby farms to stock your shelves. Farm-to-table freshness is always a product that everyone is looking for.

7. Beer Bar

People love social gatherings or celebrations, people have a drink to mark the special day. Why not capitalize on this social convention?

You could open up a small-town bar where people can gather to commemorate a special occasion. If hospitality isn’t your thing, you can open up a retail liquor store where locals can shop for spirits in favour of at-home celebrations.

8. Sweets Store

Opening a sweets store is another great option for a startup. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who doesn’t like sweets. They are delicious and affordable and can be served in all the occasion or celebrations. Sweets are one of the winning products that can translate into a profitable small business.

Start with a Pop-up shop because they are cost-effective and doesn’t risk huge losses if the store fails to perform well in the market rather than opening a permanent store. This way you can test the market to see what types of sweets treat people of your location prepare.

9. Bed and Breakfast

Opening a Bed and breakfast far from the city life to dwell and escape busy and noisy life is one of the great small scale business idea for the people living in a small town. Rather than becoming an employee that way you can become your own boss and can follow your passion for doing things.

There would be tons of historical values to attract tourists just next to where you live. With a little bit of infrastructure development, you can easily enter into this business where will find little to no competition in this business startup. Start with a simple elegant looking boutique hotel and down-home hospitality.

Though this type of business is quite capital intensive, the return on investment at the small town hospitality business is very high.

10. Animal farm

The small town has a lot of space where you will find the perfect location for rental at a very reasonable price. We love eating meat and in most of the small town area, you will find most people substitute meat from vegetables. This is because most of the people living in small-town involved in labour intensive work and they have the requirement of high protein intake. Moreover, people, these days shop for meat as a substitute for vegetables because of the increasing price of vegetables.

By hiring a small plot of land and starting an animal farming business will prove very profitable business for the entrepreneurs. Take advantage of the low labour and raw material cost in a small town to run your business efficiently.

Small towns are great places to start the entrepreneurial journey. Start small and try to scale in due course of time rather than investing a huge capital at your startup. Thus, decrease the burden of capital loss if the business fails to take off. Don’t forget to make a proper business plan to make the execution of business smooth and effective

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For the people, for a better world.

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