Why You Need to Have a Personal Website

Why You Need to Have a Personal Website

Importance of Having Personal Website

It’s Dynamic

A website is dynamic. A time when we accomplish something in life we can add it to our website and show it to the world. When we complete a project, we can put it in our portfolio for people to see. Thus saving our time, money and energy in printing and sending it out to our contacts over time. Where having a website means we can just update it and people will get to know more about you. People can visit our website and get the latest information on what we are up to.

Brand Building

Having a website makes one more findable and visible. If all we have only a curriculum vitae we have to go out and hand it over to people to let people know what we are and what we do. Along with social media like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc, a website is one where we can showcase our profession and excel. A website is a place people can easily excess and find us.

Thus the website is a key for establishing our personal brand and for highlighting our accomplishments.

I personally have benefitted a lot from having to be a website. I have been offered jobs, met new clients and people for my web design work simply because I own a website. If I might not have taken the time to create one, I sure I might not found out by those people.


Not many people say, Authors, celebrities, sportsmen, social activists, politicians have one. However in this 21st century, in 2021 specifically. Having personal websites would prove beneficial and effective than they were ten, twenty years ago, still many individuals rely on old traditional ways of connecting with people. Having to spend more time, resources and money to be found out. Thus having a website means standing out of the crowd in our profession conveniently.

To excel requires that we make ourselves stand out, and having a website can help us in it. We have given our time to be good at a particular profession taken the time to learn how to do something professionally and having a website do also shows that we have some skills other people don’t have.

Today first people try to find things on the internet before they make a decision and finding reliable and clear information about us definitely adds credibility.

Gain New skill

Having a website we gain some new knowledge and skill that would prove useful in times to come. Today we see how everything has transcended to digital. Having a website and learning how the Internet works are going to become vital in this modern world.

Have a website to make sure you found out!

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